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Some people use public transportation to avoid the stress of driving or simply to save economically. Unfortunately, however, public trains and railroads are not immune to accidents, and the injuries they can cause may be quite serious.

At Stevenson Whelton LLP, we represent the victims of train accidents, railroad-related injuries and other motor vehicle accidents in Oakville, Toronto, Vaughan and Oshawa. We understand the significant impact a serious injury can have on your life. We seek maximum compensation to which you are entitled in an efficient and supportive manner.

"MacDonald & Swan handled our case quickly and professionally. Eric and his team are friendly and knowledgeable, and more importantly speak 'plain English,' no 'legal mumbo jumbo.' We were kept updated with the progress of our case, which was resolved quicker than we expected." — M.L., Minden, Ontario*

Experienced Personal Injury Representation

Public transportation companies that charge fees for their services are held to rigorous safety standards. This includes ensuring all conductors and train operators have sufficient training as well as regular inspection of mechanical equipment and cabins to prevent potential injury to passengers. When these standards are not upheld, companies may be held financially responsible for any injuries sustained by passengers in the event of an accident.

We understand that making a claim for personal injury against large public transportation companies and their insurance companies can be overwhelming. As experienced personal injury advocates, our personal injury lawyers handle claims involving:

  • GO-train accidents and GO-bus accidents
  • Cross-country railroad accidents such as VIA Rail accidents
  • Other public transportation accidents

Many of our clients regularly commute into Toronto and around the Greater Toronto Area using public trains or buses. We are committed to providing a high level of expertise and service comparable with that of downtown Toronto law firms. In fact, our lawyers and associates all have experience working in top Toronto law firms. We combine our high level of expertise in personal injury law with creative representation tailored to your specific needs.

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