When medical professionals miss an infectious condition, the results can be severe.

If you have suffered the debilitating after-effects of an untreated infection, you have legal options. First, we can give you information about your rights. Next, we can paint you a clear picture of what is likely to happen should you pursue your claim. From our offices in Toronto and Vaughan, we provide top-flight personal injury representation and advocacy to our clients across the province.

Consequences of Infection Can Be Severe

Severe infection can spread quickly and have devastating consequences. If your medical team failed to note the evidence of infection or noticed it too late, you will have lost the critical benefits of early intervention and treatment.

You can advance legal action against medical personnel who provide day-to-day care in hospitals, such as nurses. You can also take action against doctors who fail to note an infection during an exam or other procedure, or send you home without dealing with the infection's effects.

Failure to treat an infection appropriately can have long-term effects. Conditions such as necrotizing fasciitis, more commonly known as flesh-eating disease, can lead to amputation and disfigurement. Hospital-acquired infections, such as Clostridium difficile, lead to discomfort and can be fatal.

Experienced Legal Advice For Infection Claims

Your legal case against a hospital or malpractice claim against medical professionals will almost certainly be complex and hard-fought. As a legal team with decades of experience in both personal injury and medical malpractice, we will pursue your claim with tenacity, intelligence, and well-earned insider knowledge. We will be strong and effective advocates for you in any negotiation, during settlement or at trial.

Hospital Negligence Lawyers in Toronto

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