Lawyers for Fire Loss Claims

Insurance is not limited to motor vehicles and personal injury. Many families and businesses purchase property insurance to provide financial assistance in the event of an unexpected event such as a fire or damage caused by water. Making a fire loss claim, however, can be time-consuming and may quickly become too complex for policyholders.

At Stevenson Whelton LLP, we assist individuals, families and business owners in making fire loss claims for property damage. We understand the complex language contained in most insurance policies, and we will provide honest advice and dedicated representation to help clients obtain maximum benefits to which they are entitled. We work with clients from Oakville, Toronto, Vaughan and Oshawa.

"What a relief to see the matter with the insurance company settled. I am very grateful for your invaluable help. Not only the excellent legal advice, but helping make the process less intimidating, and validating my experience as being legitimate." — C.G., Parry Sound, Ontario

Experienced Advocates for Denied Fire Loss Claims

Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not make the insurance claim process easy. Insurance representatives may ask claimants to provide initial assessments or statements soon after a fire, when the extent of damage may not yet be fully known. Based on this information, the insurance company may then determine that:

  • The property owner provided inaccurate or misleading information on his or her initial application for insurance, thereby voiding the policy.
  • The property owner changed the functional use of the property without informing the insurance company, resulting in a denied claim.
  • The property owner may have intentionally caused the fire to claim benefits.

If you have suffered a fire at home or on your commercial property, our personal injury lawyers handling fire loss claims will review the details of your policy and involve the appropriate experts to properly value your losses. We will then negotiate with insurance representatives on your behalf to recover all compensation to which you are entitled. Though we are fully prepared to represent your interests in court, in many cases we have been able to obtain successful results through assertive negotiation.

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