Lawyers for Dog Bite Injuries

Even well-behaved dogs may attack someone they are unfamiliar with. While such an attack may seem like an unfortunate accident to the dog owner, it is a very real trauma to the child or adult who was attacked.

At Stevenson Whelton LLP, we provide dedicated representation for dog bite victims and their families, especially for injuries suffered by children. We understand both the physical and emotional trauma dog bites can cause. Our personal injury lawyers will take the time to answer your questions and pursue justice on your behalf.

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Seeking Compensation for All Your Injuries

Even brief dog attacks can result in serious physical injuries and scarring. Some injuries may result in lifelong disfigurement. Depending on the extent of the damage, dog bite injuries may require stitches or even cosmetic surgery either immediately after the attack or in the future.

Besides physical injuries, however, dog bites can cause serious emotional trauma, especially in small children. Some children and adults could develop a debilitating, lifelong fear following a vicious dog attack, which may require counselling or other support to overcome.

If you or your child suffered personal injury as a result of dog attack, the law is on your side. Under Ontario law, dog owners are directly responsible for any damages their pets cause to people or other animals. Our dog bite injury lawyers will help you make a claim for your medical expenses and the emotional trauma either you or your child has endured.

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