Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

Unlike other head injuries, brain injuries can affect your comprehension, your speech, your mobility and even your personality. Accounting for all of these possible symptoms is just one of the many reasons why obtaining compensation for traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and especially mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs) can be difficult.

The lawyers of Stevenson Whelton LLP have extensive experience making claims for TBIs, MTBIs and other serious or catastrophic injuries. When we take a case, we focus our representation on your particular needs. We will talk to the right medical experts and specialists to ensure your compensation covers all the necessary treatment you may require.

Accurately Diagnosing Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

Most MTBIs are initially diagnosed as concussions because symptoms may not be readily apparent at the time of treatment. Victims of MTBIs may have:

  • Short-term memory loss/absentmindedness
  • Confusion when trying to concentrate
  • Distress when being in places with loud noises or lots of noise
  • Emotional imbalances/a short temper
  • Slurred speech or difficulty forming sentences
Your firm went into action immediately with a series of letters to treating physicians and the insurance companies. We were provided copies of all correspondence, which kept us in the picture. — M.O.

Those suffering from MTBIs may have difficulty obtaining compensation for their care because on the surface they appear normal. We know, however, that having an MTBI can cause serious problems for you. We can engage neuropsychologists and other brain experts to accurately diagnose your condition. We can then assertively negotiate, or litigate if necessary, on your behalf for maximum compensation to which you are entitled for ongoing therapy or treatment for your condition.

Advocating for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unlike MTBIs, TBIs are often easily diagnosed and usually result in lifelong mental impairment or disability. In such cases, our representation will focus on developing a long-term rehabilitation plan designed to help your loved one gain maximum physical recovery. We will hire medical experts specializing in TBI treatment and recovery, occupational therapists, financial advisors and an independent case manager to work out a plan tailored to your loved one's needs.

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