Boating Accident Lawyers

Boating and water-related activities are common recreational pastimes for many Ontario citizens. Unfortunately, however, boating accidents can and do occur. Many accidents are caused by boat driver inattention, inexperience or simple recklessness.

If you or one of your family members was injured in a boating-related accident, you want an advocate who not only understands personal injury law, but also one who has experience handling the unique nature of your claim.

The lawyers of Stevenson Whelton LLP represent individuals who have been injured in boating accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. Whether you were injured at the cottage or closer to home, we provide experienced and dedicated support to help you seek maximum compensation for your injuries.

"MacDonald & Swan have a thorough, expert process and treat each individual case as if it is the only one they are handling. They treated me with compassion, dignity and respect." — C.H., Toronto, Ontario

Seeking Compensation for Your Short- and Long-Term Needs

Boating operators have the obligation to ensure their driving habits protect the safety of those onboard as well as swimmers and other watercraft. This includes refraining from the use of alcohol while operating a speedboat, pontoon, Sea-Doo or Jet Ski. When they neglect this responsibility, they may be held financially accountable for losses you sustain, including medical expenses, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

Stevenson Whelton LLP represents individuals who have been injured on boats as a result of:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Reckless boat driving
  • Operator inattention or general carelessness
  • Alcohol-related accidents

In some cases, boating injuries may not be fully known at the time of the accident, and instead manifest themselves later on. Our boating accident lawyers will engage the necessary experts, if appropriate, to make sure all your immediate and future medical needs are taken into account.

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