Heat Advisory for Oakville and Halton

Posted by Stevenson Whelton LLP
June 23, 2016

A heat advisory is an official warning broadcasted to the public to inform residents of impending increased temperatures in the atmosphere that can directly affect residents’ health and wellness.  The consistent buildup of heat last week caused a higher than usual flare in temperatures on the weekend, and this phenomenon is likely to repeat a few times in the upcoming summer months.  

Although these warnings are not new to us, it does not make them any less serious.  Everyone can be affected by heat-related illnesses and injuries. Listed below are a few of the common and most treated injuries that occur from increased heat and temperatures.

  1. Heat Cramps:     These occur when there is a decreased amount of body fluid and body salts while sweating.  This can cause serious muscle cramps that can happen anywhere at any time.
  2. Heat Exhaustion:   This is also due to a loss of fluids and salts. The overwhelming feeling of exhaustion that occurs is usually accompanied with nausea, dizziness, thirst, heavy sweating and irritability.
  3. Heat Stroke:    This is one of the most serious heat afflictions and can actually cause death.  Here, the body overheats as it is unable to regulate its core temperature.  Some symptoms include seizures, loss of consciousness and confusion.
  4. Prickly Heat:    Also known as heat rash, this will occur when sweat is retained on the skin. It causes irritation, which appears as red bumps usually on the neck and chest area and in the folds of skin.

If you are in the presence of someone who has suffered a heat-related accident, these treatment measures can help save their lives:

Rehydrating the victim.  It is very important to provide fluids (water is best) to the person as soon as possible.  

  • Get the individual out of the heat and into a shady area.
  • Attempt to cool down the person's body temperature with ice packs, cool water, and cool compresses.
  • It is always the best decision to seek medical attention, especially in the cases of heat strokes.  This is the only way you can be expertly assessed to ensure that your injuries are treated and not allowed to exacerbate.

The people most susceptible to heat-related injuries are the elderly, the homeless, infants and young children, people who work in the heat, athletes and individuals with pre-existing health issues such as heart conditions and breathing issues.

Be sure to keep yourself and your loved ones safe this summer season.  Heed the warnings from our trusted institutions and avoid heat-related medical conditions and sunburns that may result during hot summer weather.

Disclaimer: Our blog is intended to inform our existing and prospective clients about topics pertinent to their lives. While our goal is to provide accurate and factual information, this in no way should be taken as legal advice or applied to specific cases. It is in your best interest to contact a licenced and practising lawyer for legal representation, as matters of the law are often complicated and cannot be fully assessed without knowing all of the details of a case.