Concerns about Impaired Driving in Oakville and Halton Region

Posted by Stevenson Whelton LLP
January 14, 2020


On January 10th , 2020, Halton Police reported that they leveled drunk driving charges against five different drivers caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeding 80 mgs in 100 ml of blood.  Three of the five cases were in response to citizen reports about a suspected drunk driver, one resulted from a police traffic stop and one was connected to a drunk driving collision near Trafalgar Road and 10 Side Road.   The last incident led to a charge of operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm against a 26-year-old Brampton woman.

At the same time this year, in January 2019, Halton Regional Police reported that there was a seven per cent increase in the incidence of impaired driving charges for the region compared to 2017, resulting in almost 600 drivers charged with a drunk driving offence (as reported by Global News, Jan 21).   And, an officer speaking on behalf of Traffic Services revealed that private citizens are contributing to safety within Oakville and the Halton community by increasingly reporting incidents involving suspected drunk drivers.

Drunk driving continues to one of the leading causes of fatal and catastrophic injuries resulting from car accidents. About one quarter of fatal accidents in Ontario result from drunk driving.  One such tragic case led to a 2019 criminal trial against Elias Osman, resulting in his conviction on the charges of impaired driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death.  Mr. Osman sustained serious injuries and his passenger and friend, Mr. Shakul, was killed when the driver lost control while travelling at high speed on Jane Street in Toronto, causing the car to crash violently into a nearby building. 

A toxicologist testified that the driver’s BAC was 100-124 mg at the time of the accident. Prior to the crash, the two men were at a bar and shared a 26-ounce bottle of Hennessey. Mr. Osman testified that he believed Mr. Shakul drank more of the bottle and because Mr. Osman did not feel drunk (which he defined as not stumbling or lacking in control), the two men agreed that he could drive home. Tragically, they never made it and it is fortunate that other innocent accident victims were not hurt by the defendant’s decision to drive.

Clearly, there are overwhelmingly strong reasons for finding a safe alternative for getting home after an evening of drinking and no one should lose a loved one or sustain life-changing injuries because someone chose to drive while intoxicated.

At Stevenson Whelton MacDonald & Swan LLP, our staff all-too-often see the heartbreaking outcome of drunk driving accidents.  If you or a loved one were injured in connection with an impaired driving accident or another negligent driving action, talk to an experienced Oakville injury lawyer at Stevenson Whelton LLP and find out how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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