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Compensation in Wrongful Death Claims Apr 02, 2018 Family members of accident victims who are killed or injured in a car accident or another accident caused by another person are entitled to compensation under the Family Law Act.
Beginning Rehab early after Injury can shorten your Recovery Time Mar 22, 2018 A recent study found that, for common muscle and tendon injuries, resting for too long can delay recovery, while beginning a progressive rehab program early can greatly decrease the recovery time
Judge finds Defendant in Spinal Injury Accident Claim is indemnified under his Homeowner's Insurance Policy Mar 14, 2018 A man sustained a catastrophic spinal injury in an ATV accident and claimed his passenger caused the injury by preventing him from safely exiting when the ATV flipped. An Ontario Court ruled that the Insurer for the defendant’s homeowner policy is obligated to defend and indemnify the defendant.
Tragic Road Rage Crash in Mississauga reflects an alarming Trend in the GTA Mar 07, 2018 A young woman was recently killed in a Mississauga road rage incident. Disturbingly, Toronto area drivers are far more likely to be involved in a road rage incident than other drivers in Ontario. Find out how to avoid being hurt as a result of road rage.
Chronic Pain reduces Quality of Life Mar 01, 2018 Chronic pain and its associated symptoms, such as fatigue, depression and reduced cognitive function, effects the quality of life for sufferers and often interferes with the ability to work. As such, chronic pain sufferers may be eligible for long-term disability benefits and/or injury compensation.
Calculating Damages for Injuries suffered in Multiple Car Accidents Feb 22, 2018 When a plaintiff is injured by negligent drivers in more than one accident, a fair calculation of damages requires a determination of the extent to which each accident caused a particular injury and the proper amount of losses attributed to each injury.