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Christmas Tree Safety Tips to prevent a Christmas Fire Dec 02, 2018 Learn about the most common causes of Christmas tree fires and how you can keep your home safe.
Using your Car’s Dash Cam Video to prove Liability Nov 23, 2018 Many drivers in Toronto, Oakville and the GTA now have dashboard cameras installed on their vehicle. And, this video evidence is increasingly used to decide fault in personal injury claims, insurance claims and criminal driving cases.
How can I get Justice after being Injured by a Drunk Driver? Nov 17, 2018 Pedestrians, passengers and others who were injured by a drunk driver are entitled to claim compensation for their losses, although it’s up to our criminal courts to set the charges and penalties for the drunk driver.
Your Rights if you Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot Nov 09, 2018 Private and municipal parking lots must be reasonably maintained so that visitors are not injured by an unsafe condition, such as ice or broken concrete. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident in a parking lot, you may be eligible for compensation for lost income, pain and suffering and other losses associated with your injury.
Common Mistakes made on Disability Claims Applications Nov 01, 2018 Long-term disability coverage is sometimes denied for persons with a genuine disability. Avoid this stressful circumstance by learning common reasons why disability claims are denied and when you may need the help of a disability claims lawyer.
Does Marijuana Use really affect your Driving Ability? Oct 21, 2018 A thorough study of research on acute marijuana use and the risk of motor vehicle accidents found that drivers are twice as likely to crash under the influence of marijuana, and the risk is particularly high for accidents resulting in death or serious injury.