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Key Tips for Keeping your Children Safe in the Car Oct 08, 2018 Fatal car accidents involving children are often preventable. Learn some of the most important ways of keeping your child safe while driving.
Tragic Pedestrian Accidents result in Fatal Injuries for Two Men Oct 01, 2018 Two pedestrian accidents on Highway 24, only 1 day apart, result in death for two men including an Oakville resident.
What's the Rush in hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer? Sep 20, 2018 After being injured in an accident, early consultation with a lawyer can ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines for your claim and ensure evidence for your case is gathered before being lost
Depression and Chronic Pain Sep 16, 2018 Chronic pain often results in depression, and depression can also cause pain. Both chronic pain and depression can substantially interfere with our ability to work and to function in many other ways. Learn about compensation that may be available to you if you are suffering from debilitating pain or depression.
A Bee in the Car is not an Excuse for Careless Driving Sep 10, 2018 A man was found guilty of careless driving after he allowed himself to be distracted by a bee in his vehicle and crashed, causing the death of two passengers and serious injuries to two others. If accident victims or family members choose to sue for damages against a careless driver, they may present evidence of a criminal offence or traffic violation such as this one, to prove the defendant’s negligence and liability.
Should Bike Helmets be mandatory for Everyone? Sep 02, 2018 The risk of a serious head injury or death is reduced when we wear an approved bike helmet while riding. Although helmets are mandatory for anyone under 18, many Canadians believe that use of helmets should be legislated for everyone. Here are pros and cons for this argument.