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Causing an Automobile Accident in a Construction Zone Jun 07, 2019 Every year, many Ontarians are injured or killed in car accidents within construction zones, particularly on Ontario highways. Slow down and practice safe driving in construction zones to avoid liability and tragic injuries caused by a preventable accident.
Why Women are more likely to die from a Cardiac Arrest Jun 01, 2019 Recent studies reveal that women are much more likely to die if they suffer a cardiac arrest, than men. Find out why to help reduce the risk of death to yourself or loved ones.
Toronto Cycling Safety May 21, 2019 Designated bike lanes have reduced serious cycling accidents in Toronto, but inconsistencies in cycling infrastructure can add confusion and danger for cyclists. But you can always reduce your risk of injury by safe cycling practices.
Making a Fire Loss Claim for your Home or Business May 15, 2019 Home and business fires create heartache, financial burdens and the loss of important and treasured items. Talk to an experienced fire loss lawyer to reduce the stress of making a claim and ensure you receive the settlement you are owed.
Diabetes is a frequent Cause of Long-term disability May 09, 2019 Untreated, diabetes can lead to serious symptoms and complications. And sometimes, sufferers are unable to manage their diabetes symptoms and are therefore unable to perform the essential physical or decision-making functions of their job.
When can I sue a Negligent Driver for Aggravated and Punitive Damages? May 02, 2019 Car accident victims often suffer psychological injuries, and when injuries result from a preventable action such as impaired driving or excessive speeding, you may wonder whether you can be compensated for additional damages due to significant mental distress.