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How does the Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Fund help Accident Victims Oct 20, 2019 The Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Fund (MVCAP) pays compensation to accident victims in Ontario who don’t have access to any other vehicle insurance, such as when accidents are caused by uninsured or hit-and-run drivers.
Why Dirt Bike Accident may not qualify for No Fault Accident Benefits Oct 14, 2019 If you were injured in any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, including a pedestrian or cycling accident, you may claim no fault accident benefits; but there are some exemptions that may preclude a person from receiving benefits, such as a golf cart accident, or a dirt bike accident in a closed course competition.
Jurors aren’t obligated to explain their reasons for finding the Driver Negligent in a Personal Injury Lawsuit Oct 07, 2019 The defendant in a car accident lawsuit requested that the jurors provide explanations on why they found the defendant negligent and which injuries were caused by the accident. However, jurors don’t have to agree on why they decided an accident caused a plaintiff’s injuries, and forcing them to explain their thinking may only be confusing and the judge ruled that the defendant’s questions could not be put to the jury.
Insurance Company is ordered to pay Accident Benefits to Policyholder’s Son Oct 01, 2019 Years after the accident, State Farm sought a Court order to have an injured pedestrian declared as ‘not eligible’ for coverage because he was not living in the policyholder’s home and not ‘a dependent’ at the time of the accident. However, the Court ruled that injured man was entitled to accident benefits since he still received significant financial support from his mother, the policyholder and didn’t have a permanent residence. Also, State Farm should have disputed the claim within the limitation period to allow the injured man to seek benefits from the at fault driver’s insurance.
What happens to your Brain in a Traumatic Brain Injury Sep 19, 2019 Depending on the type and severity of a traumatic brain injury, victims can sustain both immediate and secondary effects that have life-long and serious consequences. There’s generally little that can be done about immediate damage caused by a head injury, but secondary consequences are often preventable. Understand the processes involved and potential impact of traumatic brain injury.
Driver sustains Fatal Injuries in Hamilton Car Accident Sep 10, 2019 A Hamilton man died when his car was hit by an oncoming van after he lost control of his car while attempting to pass another vehicle on Highway 8. Collisions while passing are not rare in Ontario and the greatest danger exists when drivers lack a sufficient passing sight distance.