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Appeal Court finds Driver wholly liable for Catastrophic Spinal Injury Mar 07, 2019 A passenger in a mini-van suffered a life-changing spinal injury rendering him a quadriplegic, after being struck by a car that failed to check properly for traffic at an intersection. On appeal, the Court found the car driver 100% liable for the accident, overturning a decision finding that the driver and City of Hamilton were contributorily liable.
Car Accidents often result in Traumatic Spinal Injury Dec 22, 2018 Car accidents are a leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injury in Canada, such as the devastating injury sustain by one Humboldt crash victim.
Can I sue for Damages for my Chronic Pain? Dec 10, 2018 Chronic pain is a very real condition that can result from car accidents, falls and other traumatic events. Although more difficult to measure than objective injuries, chronic pain can have as great, or an even greater, impact on your life than the original injury, and you may be entitled to compensation against the party who caused your injury.
Are you liable for Damages if your Vehicle is taken without your permission? Aug 24, 2018 Vicarious liability means that a vehicle owner has liability for any damages resulting from negligence and caused by anyone driving their car. Further, an owner may be vicariously liable even when the driver did not have the owner’s consent to drive if the negligent driver was given access to, or possession of, the vehicle.
Catastrophic Injury Compensation for Car Accident Victims May 22, 2018 Persons who sustain a catastrophic injury in a motor vehicle accident are eligible for the greatest maximum accident benefits, in acknowledgement of the large financial burden for rehabilitation and future care in such cases.
‘At fault’ driver in Car Accident is liable for Damages when Injury later worsens May 01, 2018 Pain and physical limitations may worsen months or years after being injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, particularly if you have pre-existing injuries. In such a case, the at fault driver may be liable to pay damages for your worsening condition.