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Promoting Safety In School Zones Mar 07, 2016 School zones can be a hazardous area for both children and drivers. A number of children cross streets in school areas during the morning and afternoon commute and some are not always cautious. Here we discuss safety tips for young pedestrians and motorists that can help reduce accidents and injury.
The Cost of Making A Claim Mar 03, 2016 After being seriously injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another party, accident victims deserve to have honest and measured answers to their questions about the potential success of their claim and the costs associated with filing a claim.
Freezing Rain Dangers Mar 01, 2016 Freezing rain often results in dangerous conditions for Ontario residents during the winter months, and contributes to serious injury for many Canadians every year. Learn what you can do to help protect yourself and your family.
Safety In High Performance Driving Techniques? Feb 22, 2016 They say the best defence is a better offense and some have applied this philosophy to their driving skills. Here we discuss some of the standard safety features on most vehicles, how learning high performance driving techniques can increase your safety and the penalties associated with speeding.
Independent Contractors May Be Liable If Unsafe Condition Causes Slip and Fall Feb 18, 2016 The Occupier?s Liability Act of Ontario places a legal duty of care on the owners and occupiers of a property to keep anyone who comes onto their property safe. This duty of care extends to independent contractors who are reasonably entrusted to complete a specific job. Learn how an independent contractor may be held liable for an unsafe condition that results in serious injury due to a slip and fall or another accident.
New Inspections For Used Vehicles Feb 01, 2016 Automobile safety is an important issue for all Canadians, and the proposed changes to the used vehicle safety inspection process seeks to ensure that the used car you buy is safe. Here we discuss how this will impact your safety and your finances.