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Tips On Reducing Injury While Driving May 24, 2016 Centered around keeping motorists safe, the annual Road Safety Week campaign in Oakville and other communities has again shed light on the importance of safe driving practices. Drivers can reduce their risk of personal injury and crashing by properly adjusting their seat and taking personal actions to prevent back pain and injury while driving.
Firework Safety May 19, 2016 While we all look forward to the magnificent firework displays in the upcoming 2016 celebrations, it is important to take all safety precautions to avoid any tragic accidents that can be associated with fireworks. Take all the necessary steps to protect yourself and others.
Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance May 10, 2016 Policyholders need to ensure that they understand the specifics of their insurance policy, to ensure that they are covered in a time of need. AD&D insurance and body part insurance are specific insurance that provide important coverage for some Canadians.
Motorcycle Accidents and Benefits May 02, 2016 Here we discuss safety measures for motorcyclists and other road users, to help keep you safe during the upcoming riding season, and also review a court decision that explains how tripping over a stationary motorcycle constitutes as an accident.
The Dangers of Motorcycle Driving Apr 01, 2016 Here we take a look at some real life incidents involving motorcycle accidents and discuss the injuries that can result from them.
Risks of Lending Your Vehicle Mar 15, 2016 Here we discuss the potential liability and repercussions on your insurance that the simple decision to lend out your vehicle can lead to.