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Helping Accident Victims Who Suffer With PTSD Jul 07, 2016 Post-traumatic stress disorder usually results from a traumatic life-threatening event, such as a serious motor vehicle accident. It often has a substantive impact on the life of an accident victim, affecting their ability to cope and work.
Rollover Crashes Often Result In Severe or Fatal Injuries Jul 04, 2016 Rollover accidents are one of the most fatal types of car accident. Learn about the causes and your personal rights if you are the victim of a rollover accident caused by another person.
Minimize the Risk of Personal Injury While Jet-Skiing and Boating Jun 29, 2016 Although an enjoyable summer pastime, water-related activities such as boating and riding jet skis present many potential risks that can lead to serious injury and potential liability.
Heat Advisory for Oakville and Halton Jun 23, 2016 Here we discuss how heat-related accidents can affect you and your family, if you do not take the necessary precautions.
New Changes in Auto Insurance Jun 20, 2016 Learn how the June 1st changes in automobile insurance will impact you and your family, moving forward.
Tips On Reducing Injury While Driving May 24, 2016 Centered around keeping motorists safe, the annual Road Safety Week campaign in Oakville and other communities has again shed light on the importance of safe driving practices. Drivers can reduce their risk of personal injury and crashing by properly adjusting their seat and taking personal actions to prevent back pain and injury while driving.