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Beginning Rehab early after Injury can shorten your Recovery Time Mar 22, 2018 A recent study found that, for common muscle and tendon injuries, resting for too long can delay recovery, while beginning a progressive rehab program early can greatly decrease the recovery time
Preventing Winter Slip and Fall Accidents Feb 09, 2018 Slips and falls on the ice cause serious injury to thousands of Canadians every winter. Learn how you can help prevent such accidents.
Will the Legalization of Marijuana impact Road Safety? Jan 22, 2018 Many Canadians are concerned that the July 1st legalization of marijuana use may result in an increase in motor vehicle accidents and personal injury.
Claiming Long-term Disability Benefits for Mental Illness Jan 10, 2018 Many Canadians suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions, and may claim long-term disability benefits when their symptoms prevent them from working effectively.
Denied Long-term disability Benefits? Find out why. Nov 08, 2017 Insurers of long-term disability plans may deny or cancel a claimant’s benefits for a number of reasons, even when a claimant is legally eligible to receive benefits.
Make Safety a top Priority at the Cottage and when Boating and Swimming Jun 08, 2017 Take action to ensure that family and friends are safe at the cottage, boating or swimming, so that you are not negligent in anyone’s injury.