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Yaz/Yasmin Personal Injury Lawsuit Oct 07, 2015 It has been on ongoing battle to get resolution for the many women who have been negatively impacted healthwise, by the popular birth-control pill Yaz/Yasmin. Here we update on the province of Ontario?s legal progress against pharmaceutical giant Bayer, the producer of Yaz/Yasmin.
The Impact of Ambulance Costs Sep 07, 2015 In the event of an emergency, should Canadians first consider the financial impact of using Emergency Services before they seek the life-saving care that they require? Here we discuss the impact of ambulance fees on Canadians.
Ashley Madison Hacked Jul 18, 2015 The fallout from the threatened release of subscribers? personal information to the general public is potentially incalculable. Can the company be held civilly responsible for the damage that ensues?
Safety for Canada Day Jun 24, 2015 Beyond the festivities, we need to take reasonable precautions to ensure that guests and loved ones are safe, and that we have fulfilled our duty of care with regards to potential liability.
Swimming Safety May 31, 2015 Summer is here and all things outdoor and fun are back! Hiking, riding and swimming are back in full swing and we should all be mindful of the huge role safety should play during this time. In this piece we focus specifically on swimming.
Expert Witnesses May 13, 2015 Can their testimony be tainted or swayed? While the cost of an expert witness can run really high, see how a ruling almost prohibited interaction between a lawyer and a hired expert witness.