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Technology and Personal Injury Dec 11, 2015 Although new technologies serve as a distraction and causal factor in many car accidents, they can also impact your personal injury claim in positive ways. Here we examine how an electronic device can be used to build and aid in your personal injury case.
Intoxicated Cab Drivers Nov 30, 2015 Taking a cab after you have been drinking is one of the most responsible decisions a person can make. However, what happens when the driver of the cab is also intoxicated? That was the issue with two recent Oakville cases, which sparked debate earlier this year.
Safety Measures For Halloween And Other Celebrations Nov 24, 2015 Keep your loved ones and yourself safe during celebrations like Halloween, both in terms of physical safety and personal liability. Read about a few tips to avoid physical or financial tragedy.
Driving Safely This Winter Season Nov 17, 2015 Keeping you and your family safe on the roads during winter should be a priority for everyone. Here we discuss some of the steps you can take to accomplish this.
Recent Catastrophic Highway Collisions Raise Concern About Road Safety Oct 24, 2015 Traffic accidents are a leading source of personal injury in Ontario. Recent motor vehicle collisions on the 400-series highways has heightened concern about safety when driving on these roadways. What is the cause of these accidents, and do we have reason to be worried?
Suing Over Spilled Coffee? Oct 18, 2015 In a previous article we spoke about the seriousness or frivolity of certain personal injury cases, which have been highlighted in the news. Here we look at another case that has gained media attention to mixed opinions from the public.