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Snowmobile Driving Safety This Winter Jan 25, 2016 Snowmobiling is an enjoyable and exciting activity that many Ontarians engage in every winter. However, the sport carries substantive risk of injury unless riders exercise caution and practice basic safety measures to keep themselves and others safe.
Importance of Honesty on Insurance Forms Jan 13, 2016 How accurate are you when filling out your insurance policy forms? Do you take the time to read through all the medical questions? Learn how easily a claim can be denied in your time of need, due to a failure of complete honesty on your form, whether knowingly or unknowingly.
Protect Yourself From Tow Truck Scams Jan 08, 2016 While recent changes to the Highway Traffic Act are intended to protect tow truck drivers from being hit by other motorists while performing a service, what about individuals having to protect themselves from unscrupulous tow truck operators? Here we discuss some of the ways you can do just that.
Emotional Distress In Personal Injury Cases Jan 04, 2016 Sometimes grossly undervalued, psychological injuries after an accident can be overlooked or mismanaged in personal injury cases. Learn how you can prevent this from happening to you and your loved ones.
More Tips To Reduce Risk of Accidents During Holiday Season Dec 29, 2015 Don?t let an accident in your home, on the roads or during winter activities, such as skating and snowmobiling, put a damper on your holiday celebrations. Here we highlight potential holiday and winter hazards and suggest more tips for keeping you and your family safe.
How To Stay Safe During The Christmas Season Dec 16, 2015 The Christmas season is a time of celebration but also presents some risks to families and children, not the least of which is winter driving and drinking and driving. With safe practices and good planning, we can protect against most hazards and keep our families safe over the Christmas season.