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Marijuana-related Impaired Driving Charges haven’t increased since Legalization Jan 02, 2020 Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, the number of impaired driving charges related to marijuana use hasn’t measurably increased in Canada, except in Alberta. This may be surprising to some, since accident statistics in the U.S. indicated a 10 percent increase in accidents after marijuana became legalized
Canada has poor Record for leaving Medical Instruments inside Patients Nov 11, 2019 A recent CIHI report reveals that Canada has the highest rate of medical tools being accidentally left in patients, out of OECD nations that track this information. This is a preventable medical error generally caused by surgical and communication failures and can result in pain and long-term complications for some patients.
Reducing the Risk of Falling for Seniors Aug 07, 2019 In Canada, about 20 to 30 cent of seniors fall every year and these falls often result in debilitating injuries and sometimes, death. Learn about current studies on how seniors can reduce their risk of falling and becoming seriously injured.
Key Differences Between Civil vs. Criminal Cases Jul 24, 2019 If you were injured by a drunk driver, you may choose to sue the driver for damages, and the driver may also face criminal charges. Learn about the key differences in the way a civil action and criminal prosecution are resolved.
Why CPP Disability Benefits may be denied Jul 02, 2019 Understand the eligibility requirements for CPP disability benefits and why an application for benefits may be denied
Why Women are more likely to die from a Cardiac Arrest Jun 01, 2019 Recent studies reveal that women are much more likely to die if they suffer a cardiac arrest, than men. Find out why to help reduce the risk of death to yourself or loved ones.