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Medical Evidence necessary to Prove your Disability Claim Aug 01, 2019 Disability claims are frequently rejected because the applicant did not provide sufficient or proper medical evidence to substantiate that they cannot perform their job. Find out what you need to include to make a successful disability claim.
Why CPP Disability Benefits may be denied Jul 02, 2019 Understand the eligibility requirements for CPP disability benefits and why an application for benefits may be denied
Diabetes is a frequent Cause of Long-term disability May 09, 2019 Untreated, diabetes can lead to serious symptoms and complications. And sometimes, sufferers are unable to manage their diabetes symptoms and are therefore unable to perform the essential physical or decision-making functions of their job.
When Disabling Arthritis prevents you from Working Feb 14, 2019 Arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, is a leading cause of disability in Canada. If you are unable to work due to your arthritis symptoms, you may be eligible for disability benefits
Common Mistakes made on Disability Claims Applications Nov 01, 2018 Long-term disability coverage is sometimes denied for persons with a genuine disability. Avoid this stressful circumstance by learning common reasons why disability claims are denied and when you may need the help of a disability claims lawyer.
Claiming Long-term Disability Benefits for Mental Illness Jan 10, 2018 Many Canadians suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions, and may claim long-term disability benefits when their symptoms prevent them from working effectively.