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Why Dirt Bike Accident may not qualify for No Fault Accident Benefits Oct 14, 2019 If you were injured in any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, including a pedestrian or cycling accident, you may claim no fault accident benefits; but there are some exemptions that may preclude a person from receiving benefits, such as a golf cart accident, or a dirt bike accident in a closed course competition.
Insurance Company is ordered to pay Accident Benefits to Policyholder’s Son Oct 01, 2019 Years after the accident, State Farm sought a Court order to have an injured pedestrian declared as ‘not eligible’ for coverage because he was not living in the policyholder’s home and not ‘a dependent’ at the time of the accident. However, the Court ruled that injured man was entitled to accident benefits since he still received significant financial support from his mother, the policyholder and didn’t have a permanent residence. Also, State Farm should have disputed the claim within the limitation period to allow the injured man to seek benefits from the at fault driver’s insurance.
How do Judges decide whether a Defendant is at Fault in a Car Accident? Sep 01, 2019 f the defendant in a car accident injury lawsuit has not admitted fault for the accident, an arbitrator or judge is tasked with determining whether the defendant was negligent and at fault, by relying on the applicable traffic laws, Insurance Act provisions, and/or the circumstances of the accident.
Liability in a Boating Accident Jun 13, 2019 Recreational boating accidents occur every summer in Ontario and tragically, many result in drowning and fatal injury. Understand your liability in the event of a boating accident involving serious injury or death.
Making a Fire Loss Claim for your Home or Business May 15, 2019 Home and business fires create heartache, financial burdens and the loss of important and treasured items. Talk to an experienced fire loss lawyer to reduce the stress of making a claim and ensure you receive the settlement you are owed.
Driver is entitled to Accident Benefits when collapsed Seat causes Back Pain Jan 21, 2019 You may be entitled to no fault accident benefits if you suffered an injury during the use of a vehicle, even if no accident occurred.