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Determining negligence in a Hamilton Car Accident Jan 20, 2020 In a lawsuit brought on behalf of four injured children, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that the driver of the vehicle carrying the children (who failed to yield) and the City of Hamilton (for failing to create a stop line and keep the intersection in a state of repair) shared liability for the children’s injuries. The Court dismissed the claims against the other driver who had the right of way and had no time to avoid the crash.
When is a Municipality Liable if Someone is Injured after falling on an Icy Sidewalk? Jan 07, 2020 A city or municipality can be liable for injuries caused by falling on an icy sidewalk if the municipality was ‘grossly negligent’ . In Crinson v. City of Toronto, the City of Toronto was held liable for a man's injury after failing to take reasonable and timely steps to clear or salt sidewalks in an area of high pedestrian traffic.
Applicant wins Insurance Dispute and is entitled to higher maximum Accident Benefits Dec 07, 2019 Accident victims who claim accident benefits under their vehicle insurance policy sometimes discover that they need medical and rehabilitation treatments that exceed their approved level of benefits under the Minor Injury Guidelines. This is what happened to a car accident victim, but she appealed her disputed claim. The Adjudicator ruled that the applicant demonstrated that the treatments recommended by her doctors are required and reasonable and therefore, she is eligible for the higher level of benefits.
Toronto Landlord liable for over $1.3 Million in Damages in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dec 01, 2019 The parents of a young woman who died in a tragic Toronto rooming house fire were awarded over $1.3 Million in wrongful death damages when the property owner violated multiple safety requirements and was negligent in causing the woman’s death.
How does the Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Fund help Accident Victims Oct 20, 2019 The Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Fund (MVCAP) pays compensation to accident victims in Ontario who don’t have access to any other vehicle insurance, such as when accidents are caused by uninsured or hit-and-run drivers.
Why Dirt Bike Accident may not qualify for No Fault Accident Benefits Oct 14, 2019 If you were injured in any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, including a pedestrian or cycling accident, you may claim no fault accident benefits; but there are some exemptions that may preclude a person from receiving benefits, such as a golf cart accident, or a dirt bike accident in a closed course competition.