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Appeal Court allows maximum Non-pecuniary Damages for Plaintiff suffering Chronic Pain and Depression Aug 22, 2019 The defendants in a personal injury lawsuit appealed the original trial judgement and argued that there should have been a mistrial. However, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that there was no legal basis for overturning the previous decision that allowed the plaintiff to be awarded the current maximum for non-pecuniary damages, $379,153
Crown is found liable for over $1 Million in Damages when man is injured in Jail Aug 16, 2019 A 19-year-old was seriously assaulted and suffered long-term injuries after corrections officers placed the young man in the same jail unit as a man who had previously assaulted and threatened him. An Ontario Court found the Crown vicariously liable for the man’s injuries, after finding that detention staff were negligent and failed to uphold standing orders which would have kept the two men in separate units.
Video Evidence can be used against you in a Personal Injury Lawsuit Jul 16, 2019 Insurance companies often hire investigators to videotape claimants when there is any doubt about the severity of injuries alleged in a personal injury claim. Read about two lawsuits involving video evidence that challenged a plaintiff’s credibility.
Car Accident causes Back Injury and Chronic Pain Jul 10, 2019 In a 2019 civil action, the injured plaintiff was awarded over $415,000 in damages after a rear-end collision resulted in back pain and interfered with his ability to run his business as he once did.
Pedestrian with Catastrophic Impairment misses deadline for claiming Accident Benefits Jun 21, 2019 After being struck by a car, an injured pedestrian claimed and received accident benefits for two years. More than 6 years after the accident, she was determined to have suffered a catastrophic impairment due to the accident, but was denied a higher level of benefits because the catastrophic assessment came too late.
Liability in a Boating Accident Jun 13, 2019 Recreational boating accidents occur every summer in Ontario and tragically, many result in drowning and fatal injury. Understand your liability in the event of a boating accident involving serious injury or death.