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Don’t make Social Media Posts that undermine your Personal Injury Claim Sep 07, 2019 Plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit may be required to produce their private Facebook materials or other social media documents if evidence suggests that their social media posts may reveal facts that are relevant to the case.
Plaintiff awarded $100,000 for Pain and Suffering in Complicated Case Feb 21, 2019 In a complex car accident injury case, the trial judge must assess whether the original car accident caused the plaintiff's stroke and diminished level of health, when determining damages..
Your Rights if you Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot Nov 09, 2018 Private and municipal parking lots must be reasonably maintained so that visitors are not injured by an unsafe condition, such as ice or broken concrete. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident in a parking lot, you may be eligible for compensation for lost income, pain and suffering and other losses associated with your injury.
What's the Rush in hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer? Sep 20, 2018 After being injured in an accident, early consultation with a lawyer can ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines for your claim and ensure evidence for your case is gathered before being lost
Take enough Time after your Accident to properly Assess the Severity of your Injury Aug 17, 2018 Recovery time after an accident is not predictable, and factors such as medical history and age can greatly impact healing. It’s important for accident victims to allow sufficient time after their accident to fully understand the extent of their injuries, so that proper compensation for their losses can be determined.
Claiming Long-term Disability Benefits for Mental Illness Jan 10, 2018 Many Canadians suffer from depression, anxiety and other psychological conditions, and may claim long-term disability benefits when their symptoms prevent them from working effectively.