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Concerns about Impaired Driving in Oakville and Halton Region Jan 14, 2020 Oakville and Halton area residents play an increasing role in identifying drunk drivers and several recent drunk driving accidents in Halton Region remind us of the potential life-changing consequences of drinking and driving.
The Dangers of letting an Unlicensed Driver drive your Car Nov 22, 2019 It’s illegal to drive a motor vehicle without a proper licence in Canada. And, if you allow an unlicensed driver to drive your vehicle, you are breaching the terms of your vehicle insurance contract and will likely not be covered for vehicle damage.
Driver sustains Fatal Injuries in Hamilton Car Accident Sep 10, 2019 A Hamilton man died when his car was hit by an oncoming van after he lost control of his car while attempting to pass another vehicle on Highway 8. Collisions while passing are not rare in Ontario and the greatest danger exists when drivers lack a sufficient passing sight distance.
How do Judges decide whether a Defendant is at Fault in a Car Accident? Sep 01, 2019 f the defendant in a car accident injury lawsuit has not admitted fault for the accident, an arbitrator or judge is tasked with determining whether the defendant was negligent and at fault, by relying on the applicable traffic laws, Insurance Act provisions, and/or the circumstances of the accident.
Causing an Automobile Accident in a Construction Zone Jun 07, 2019 Every year, many Ontarians are injured or killed in car accidents within construction zones, particularly on Ontario highways. Slow down and practice safe driving in construction zones to avoid liability and tragic injuries caused by a preventable accident.
Pedestrian Accidents and Safety in the GTA Apr 22, 2019 The incidence of pedestrian injuries and fatalities continues to be high, despite actions taken by the City of Toronto to reduce pedestrian accidents. Although many pedestrian accidents are caused by careless driving actions, there are some steps we can take to reduce our own risk of being hit by a car.