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Jurors aren’t obligated to explain their reasons for finding the Driver Negligent in a Personal Injury Lawsuit Oct 07, 2019 The defendant in a car accident lawsuit requested that the jurors provide explanations on why they found the defendant negligent and which injuries were caused by the accident. However, jurors don’t have to agree on why they decided an accident caused a plaintiff’s injuries, and forcing them to explain their thinking may only be confusing and the judge ruled that the defendant’s questions could not be put to the jury.
Don’t make Social Media Posts that undermine your Personal Injury Claim Sep 07, 2019 Plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit may be required to produce their private Facebook materials or other social media documents if evidence suggests that their social media posts may reveal facts that are relevant to the case.
How do Judges decide whether a Defendant is at Fault in a Car Accident? Sep 01, 2019 f the defendant in a car accident injury lawsuit has not admitted fault for the accident, an arbitrator or judge is tasked with determining whether the defendant was negligent and at fault, by relying on the applicable traffic laws, Insurance Act provisions, and/or the circumstances of the accident.
Appeal Court allows maximum Non-pecuniary Damages for Plaintiff suffering Chronic Pain and Depression Aug 22, 2019 The defendants in a personal injury lawsuit appealed the original trial judgement and argued that there should have been a mistrial. However, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that there was no legal basis for overturning the previous decision that allowed the plaintiff to be awarded the current maximum for non-pecuniary damages, $379,153
Video Evidence can be used against you in a Personal Injury Lawsuit Jul 16, 2019 Insurance companies often hire investigators to videotape claimants when there is any doubt about the severity of injuries alleged in a personal injury claim. Read about two lawsuits involving video evidence that challenged a plaintiff’s credibility.
Pedestrian with Catastrophic Impairment misses deadline for claiming Accident Benefits Jun 21, 2019 After being struck by a car, an injured pedestrian claimed and received accident benefits for two years. More than 6 years after the accident, she was determined to have suffered a catastrophic impairment due to the accident, but was denied a higher level of benefits because the catastrophic assessment came too late.