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New Treatment for Paralysis helps Humboldt Broncos Crash Victim Dec 12, 2019 Ryan Straschnitzki, a 20-year-old who sustained a catastrophic spinal injury in the Humboldt Broncos crash, recently underwent experimental and revolutionary surgery in Thailand, that has allowed him to move his legs and begin walking for the first time since he became paralyzed almost 20 months ago.
Applicant wins Insurance Dispute and is entitled to higher maximum Accident Benefits Dec 07, 2019 Accident victims who claim accident benefits under their vehicle insurance policy sometimes discover that they need medical and rehabilitation treatments that exceed their approved level of benefits under the Minor Injury Guidelines. This is what happened to a car accident victim, but she appealed her disputed claim. The Adjudicator ruled that the applicant demonstrated that the treatments recommended by her doctors are required and reasonable and therefore, she is eligible for the higher level of benefits.
The Dangers of letting an Unlicensed Driver drive your Car Nov 22, 2019 It’s illegal to drive a motor vehicle without a proper licence in Canada. And, if you allow an unlicensed driver to drive your vehicle, you are breaching the terms of your vehicle insurance contract and will likely not be covered for vehicle damage.
Injuries resulting from Rear-end Collisions can be Life-changing Nov 08, 2019 Even when rear-end collisions cause minor damage to a car, the violent and unexpected jolt associated with these car accidents can result in serious and permanent injuries.
How does the Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Fund help Accident Victims Oct 20, 2019 The Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Fund (MVCAP) pays compensation to accident victims in Ontario who don’t have access to any other vehicle insurance, such as when accidents are caused by uninsured or hit-and-run drivers.
Jurors aren’t obligated to explain their reasons for finding the Driver Negligent in a Personal Injury Lawsuit Oct 07, 2019 The defendant in a car accident lawsuit requested that the jurors provide explanations on why they found the defendant negligent and which injuries were caused by the accident. However, jurors don’t have to agree on why they decided an accident caused a plaintiff’s injuries, and forcing them to explain their thinking may only be confusing and the judge ruled that the defendant’s questions could not be put to the jury.