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What happens to your Brain in a Traumatic Brain Injury Sep 19, 2019 Depending on the type and severity of a traumatic brain injury, victims can sustain both immediate and secondary effects that have life-long and serious consequences. There’s generally little that can be done about immediate damage caused by a head injury, but secondary consequences are often preventable. Understand the processes involved and potential impact of traumatic brain injury.
Crown is found liable for over $1 Million in Damages when man is injured in Jail Aug 16, 2019 A 19-year-old was seriously assaulted and suffered long-term injuries after corrections officers placed the young man in the same jail unit as a man who had previously assaulted and threatened him. An Ontario Court found the Crown vicariously liable for the man’s injuries, after finding that detention staff were negligent and failed to uphold standing orders which would have kept the two men in separate units.
Judge approves $6,625,000 Settlement for Child born with Severe Brain Injury Apr 15, 2019 Preventable harmful events and medical errors occur in about 6 percent of hospital visits and can sometimes result in life-changing or fatal injuries for patients. In a recent case, the hospital and physician were found liable when baby was born with a serious brain injury.
Concussion can result in serious and long-term Symptoms Mar 14, 2019 Recent research has shown that post-concussion symptoms, can be chronic and life-altering for some victims of mild traumatic brain injury who are injured in sports, a fall, automobile accident or assault.
Plaintiff awarded $100,000 for Pain and Suffering in Complicated Case Feb 21, 2019 In a complex car accident injury case, the trial judge must assess whether the original car accident caused the plaintiff's stroke and diminished level of health, when determining damages..
Should Bike Helmets be mandatory for Everyone? Sep 02, 2018 The risk of a serious head injury or death is reduced when we wear an approved bike helmet while riding. Although helmets are mandatory for anyone under 18, many Canadians believe that use of helmets should be legislated for everyone. Here are pros and cons for this argument.