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Determining negligence in a Hamilton Car Accident Jan 20, 2020 In a lawsuit brought on behalf of four injured children, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that the driver of the vehicle carrying the children (who failed to yield) and the City of Hamilton (for failing to create a stop line and keep the intersection in a state of repair) shared liability for the children’s injuries. The Court dismissed the claims against the other driver who had the right of way and had no time to avoid the crash.
Concerns about Impaired Driving in Oakville and Halton Region Jan 14, 2020 Oakville and Halton area residents play an increasing role in identifying drunk drivers and several recent drunk driving accidents in Halton Region remind us of the potential life-changing consequences of drinking and driving.
When is a Municipality Liable if Someone is Injured after falling on an Icy Sidewalk? Jan 07, 2020 A city or municipality can be liable for injuries caused by falling on an icy sidewalk if the municipality was ‘grossly negligent’ . In Crinson v. City of Toronto, the City of Toronto was held liable for a man's injury after failing to take reasonable and timely steps to clear or salt sidewalks in an area of high pedestrian traffic.
Marijuana-related Impaired Driving Charges haven’t increased since Legalization Jan 02, 2020 Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, the number of impaired driving charges related to marijuana use hasn’t measurably increased in Canada, except in Alberta. This may be surprising to some, since accident statistics in the U.S. indicated a 10 percent increase in accidents after marijuana became legalized
How do you prove Liability for a Motor Vehicle Accident? Dec 19, 2019 If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and are seeking damages, winning your case requires that the at fault driver admits fault or is found liable for the accident and your injuries. Understand how liability is determined for a car accident.
New Treatment for Paralysis helps Humboldt Broncos Crash Victim Dec 12, 2019 Ryan Straschnitzki, a 20-year-old who sustained a catastrophic spinal injury in the Humboldt Broncos crash, recently underwent experimental and revolutionary surgery in Thailand, that has allowed him to move his legs and begin walking for the first time since he became paralyzed almost 20 months ago.