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Winter Driving Practices That Prevent Injury Dec 05, 2016 We can substantially decrease the risk of being involved in a collision during winter driving conditions through several strategies that contribute to our safety.
Canada Develops Needed Guidelines For Concussion Injuries Dec 01, 2016 On Oct 20th, the Canadian government announced a project to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to manage and prevent concussions, particularly in sports and recreational activities.
A Rash of Pedestrian Deaths and Injury in Toronto Nov 24, 2016 Disturbingly, pedestrian accidents resulting in serious injury or death were an almost daily occurrence in Toronto in October. In many cases, driver inattention, speeding or a failure to yield are factors in pedestrian accidents.
Child and Youth Injury Prevention Nov 18, 2016 Mortality statistics for Canadian youth and children reveal the types of activities and actions that can reduce serious injury among young people. Strategies such as refraining from phoning or texting while driving, appropriate use of child car seats, and safe snowmobiling practices can have a significant impact on reducing youth injury.
Municipality Found Liable For Car Accident Nov 12, 2016 In Lloyd v. Napanee (Town), a woman who suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident on a snow-covered road successfully sued the municipality for losses arising from her injury.
Death of 8-Year-Old Ontario Boy Due To Medication Error Nov 01, 2016 Medication errors in dispensing drugs to Canadian children have recently come to light, highlighting concerns over the number of injuries and deaths that largely go unreported.